Lessmüller Lasertechnik GmbH was founded in 1990 for the industrial implementation of a patent enabling the active stabilization and optimization of laser resonators. This endeavour was successfully completed within a large-scale international research and development project, followed by various projects related to laser material processing, measurement technology and the medical application of lasers.

Since 2000, Lessmüller Lasertechnik has been delving into process monitoring of laser welding applications in the micro- and macro-processing field.

The idea and development of areally illuminated observation and automated monitoring of welding processes has triggered a fast and continuous growth of the company.


1990 Establishment of Lessmüller Lasertechnik GmbH 
1992 Participation in the BRITE/EURAM EU-project: Long-Beam-Path with 6kW Laser
1994 Contribution of essential system components for the successful completion the project
1996 Construction of a fully automated plate-placement machine for ceramics double-cutters
1997 Development of a high-precision measuring machine for laser-scanners
1998 Prototype development of an artificial eye for calibrating EXIMER-laser based eye treatments 
2000 Development of a serial production device for process monitoring of welding applications with pulsed lasers (WELDCHECK-p2
2002 WELDECHECK-CW for monitoring CW-welding applications, Powertrain
2005 Award-winning participation in the Pirelli Relativity Challenge: explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity in a 5 minutes video
2007 approx.100 WELDCHECKs are operating on several continents
2008 Beginning of the development of the illuminated video recording and automated image processing for process and seam control in line-produced aluminum-fillet welds (WELDEYE)
2009 WELDEYE systems implemented in line-productions
2012 Development of a systems for high-precision position-control of lasers - in fillet welds with scanners (FILLET SCAN
2013 FILLET SCAN implemented in welding lines for vehicle doors; 200 WELDEYE systems operating on three continents
2015 Presentation of the LSO welding optics and OCT measuring systems; 400 WELDEYE systems in operation 
2017 Presentation of the updated WELDCHECK 4.0 at the Laser WOP in Munich; 500 WELDEYE systems in operation
2018 First installation of OCT in two-shift production
2019 Presentation of OCT in combination with TRUMPF PFO and FANUC remote optics at the Laser WOP in Munich


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