The upcoming third edition of the US-based Automotive Circle conference "Joining in Car Body Engineering" from Februar 19th - 20th, 2020 in Detroit, MI, USA also focuses on finding and developing latest technologies. The conference aims to bring about an intensive exchange of information and networking among expert automotive engineers from OEM as well as their suppliers, providing valuable contacts and ideas to develop modern car body joining solutions tailored to the American market requirements. The platform will focus on application-oriented technical progress concerning all relevant joining technologies for series car body production.

Do not miss the exiting presentation "Online Depth Measurement and Seam Inspection by Optical Coherence Tomography" by Richard Steinbrecht from Lessmüller Lasertechnik on February 20th, 2020 at 2.00 PM.


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Conference Program

The 21st European Conference EALA - European Automotive Laser Application 2020 will focus on e-mobility this time.

On February 11th and 12th, 2020, global experts from international OEMs, important system suppliers and renowned research institutions will meet again in Bad Nauheim.

You can look forward to a large number of top-class presentations on the progress made in laser-based manufacturing technology and laser applications in automotive production, with a special focus on the emerging field of electromobility.

Lessmüller Lasertechnik will also be represented again with an exciting lecture:

On February 12, Richard Steinbrecht will report at 14:50 on the progress made by OCT in powertrain production.

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EALA 2020

Lessmüller Lasertechnik GmbH is proud to announce the opening of its first ever subsidiary: Lessmueller Laser Technology (Shanghai) Ltd., China.
Following the first installations together with distributors the market demands an even closer relationship between Lessmüller Lasertechnik and customers on site.
Managing director of the new enterprise will be Leo Wu, former sales director of the distributor Landy laser.
By establishing the subsidiary, Lessmüller Lasertechnik commits itself to the Chinese market and customers. Lessmueller Laser Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. will be able to serve the customer with sales, service and at a later stage process development together with international partners. Lessmueller Laser Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. is the only official sales channel into the Chinese market.
Lessmüller Lasertechnik is a leading supplier of sensor technology for laser welding applications in automotive, electric vehicle battery, electronics and medical applications.

Picture: Leo Wu (Lessmueller Laser Technology (Shanghai) Ltd.) and Eckhard Lessmüller (Lessmüller Lasertechnik GmBH)

“China has become an important market for Lasermueller Lasertechnik. We are excited to appoint our new subsidiary. This foundation creates new opportunities for customers and enhances our response capabilities so that we can continue to meet ever-changing market demands,” said Eckhard Lessmueller.

Leo Wu, now managing director of Lessmueller Laser Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. said, “Lessmueller Laser Technology has already invested into regional business, and has developed a highly qualified professional team who maintains strong customer relationships and service capabilities. We are eager to take Lessmueller Lasertechnik’s China presence to the next level.” 



Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere im letzten Jahr, findet die Joining in Car Body Engineering 2019 heuer zum zweiten Mal statt.

Vom 20. bis 21. Februar haben Automobil-Fachingenieure und Experten von OEMs sowie Ihrer Zulieferer in Detroit die Möglichkeit sich intensiv auszutauschen.

Auch Herr Richard Steinbrecht von Lessmüller Lasertechnik wird mit einem spannenden Vortrag zum Thema OCT vertreten sein: "LLT shows the possibilities for automatic gap compensation using OCT as seam tracking sensor".


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