Lens Shifting Optics for Laser Welding

The innovative LSO welding optics is breaking new grounds ensuring precise laser welding by adjusting automatically welding position in combination with the smart tracking and monitoring system like OCT, providing tailor-made solutions for:

  • Visualization and recording of the welds for enhanced process understanding
  • High accuracy real-time detection of the laser beam position and the location of the seam joint; precise and fast online correction of the welding location
  • Real-time surface height compensation by adjusting the focus of the process laser (Autofocus)
  • Communication via standard fieldbuses (Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Devicenet)

The no-contact LSO system enables high accuracy seam tracking as well as online process monitoring and quality control of welding processes.

                                      Real-time positioning         Bridging gaps with LSO

                                     Real-time positioning                           Bridging gaps with LSO

The seamless integration of the OCT monitoring technology into the welding optic creates a compact system for optimum quality welds.

LSO welding optics with OCT scanner

During the active welding process, the LSO system ensures a precise position detection (with the accuracy of 0.05 mm) with either external illumination, laser triangulation or optical coherence tomography. Every 10 ms the deviation of the effective processing beam position from the seam joint position is corrected by lateral displacement of the focal lens.

Operating gap changes are compensated online by the axial displacement of the focus lens, thus achieving an optimal focal position of the operating beam on the surface being worked.

Special features

Quality control algorithms, which are approved during the serial process, monitor the position control as well as the welding process, and report critical components to the superordinate system control.

Advantages of LSO:

  • High accuracy welding with solid state laser up to 6 kW
  • Compact lightweight system; easy integration into various welding and motion systems
  • Reduced positioning time due to real-time control of lateral and vertical focus position 
  • Precise and fast alignment of TCP with integrated pilot lasers 
  • Temperature monitoring of protection glass, focusing and collimation lenses
  • Integrated remote maintenance (Industry 4.0)

Advantages with OCT:

  • Fast and accurate seam tracking regardless of the joint form
  • Automated adjustment of the OCT focus position
  • Real-time measurement of weld penetration depth 
  • Flexible setting of scanning area for active seam tracking and quality assessment
  • Reliable detection of weld faults and immediate fault reporting 
  • Monitoring of the welding process by recording and documenting all measured data and process parameters

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