Camera and Illumination Modules for Laser Welding

The smart WELDEYE quality system has been customized to complement the Scansonic ALO3 laser head, supplying it with visualization and automated quality control functions for premium weld / braze quality:

  • Real-time process visualization, monitoring and quality assurance for tactile guided laser welding and brazing
  • Synchronous recording, evaluation and documentation of image based data and process parameters (wire speed etc.)
  • Online detection and auto-correction of weld faults before the weld fails for reduced scrap rate, test costs and rework
  • Communication via standard fieldbuses (Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Devicenet, Ethernet/IP)

ALO3 is complemented with a smart no-contact, real-time inspection system, by the seamless integration of WELDEYE camera and illumination technology into the Scansonic ALO3 processing head.

WELDEYE camera module AP 3.0 WELDEYE illumination module LM4 WELDEYE illumination module LM6
Camera module AP 3.0
Illumination module LM4 Illumination module LM6 Camera & illumination module LM7

The illumination module LM4 is integrated into the laser beam path of the focusing optics. The illumination module LM6 is integrated outside of the laser beam path, aside from the objectiv lens, enabling larger working distance.

The camera and illumination module LM7 is a compact module that allows small interference contour of the welding optics without shortening the distance from the process to the crossjet. The camera and illumination module LM7 is compatible with most Scansonic optics and crossjets, easy to install and requires no additional protective glasses for illumination.

The combination of the dynamic WELDEYE camera AP 3.0 and the fourth generation planar structured illumination by narrowband light source is a key technology for the visualization of the welding process area and its surrounding along the entire scanning range.

During the active welding process, the process light is optimally suppressed by a narrowband filter. 300 images per second are alternately recorded with and without external illumination.

In no-illuminated images the intensity of the reflected process light is examined. Illuminated images reproduce the regions around the process beam with high resolution, in particular the cooled seam surface together with the distribution profile of the light reflected off the seam. The actual seam profile is generated from image to image and compared with the reference.

The image processing signals serve for quality control purposes and automated online determination of weld faults.

Visualization, process monitoring and quality control with WELDEYE quality system


  • Crosschecking of the beam-wire position with OPTIKCHECK in the line production
  • Measurement of the weld gap width directly before the welding process
  • High industrial suitability due to replaceable protective glasses and cross jet, integrated directly into the illumination module
  • Compact, robust, lightweight and cost-effectively designed system

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