Test Box for the Beam-Wire Position Control for Laser Welding

The OPTIKCHECK Test Box broadens the smart WELDEYE system by:

  • Automated determination of Tool Center Points (TCP)
  • Automated control of welding optics position
  • Automated control of beam-wire position and wire-nozzle status for wire feed laser welder

Optikcheck JustierhilfeOptikcheck JustierhilfeOptikcheck: Strahl-DrahtlageLaserschuss

OPTIKCHECK supplies the WELDEYE system with a reliable offline control unit.

The OPTIKCHECK software checks the position of the laser beam (TCP) through a laser shot on a sample piece, while the wire is retracted and the optics is in focus position. WELDEYE image processing algorithms automatically determine the Tool Center Point and mark it with a hairline cross.

The system compares the actual marker position with a reference position marked on the OPTIKCHECK unit, in order to control the welding optics position in the space before every throughput. The contour of the wire and location of the nozzle are recorded and examined to verify the beam-wire position and wire length.

The status of the nozzle is checked by applying a slight side force to the wire and examining the resulted wire shift.


  • Compact (63 mm × 97 mm × 35 mm), lightweight (220 g) and simple element to achieve sustainable premium quality welds
  • Easy application and integration into laser processing head
  • Automated configuration of system setup (optics, wire and nozzle)
  • Passive element, no electrical power supply required

product video

The following video illustrates the features of OPTIKCHECK.

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