Camera and Illumination Modules for Laser Welding

The tried and trusted WELDEYE system is an integrated camera based weld monitoring solution for laser welding. The WELDEYE system ensures real-time process visualization and process monitoring of laser welding. The seamless integration of the WELDEYE camera and illumination technology into Thyssenkrupp LSK05-08 welding optics yields premium quality welds.

The combination of the dynamic WELDEYE camera CM 3.0 and a external planar unstructured illumination with a high power light source is a key technology for the visualization of the welding process area and its surrounding.

LIVE video-observation of the welding process and real-time image analysis provides evidence regarding process quality.

Quality control algorithms, which are approved during the serial process, monitor the welding process, and report critical components to the superordinate system control. Direct and fast communication interface is used for the exchange of general control and quality signals.


  • Precise closed loop controlled monitoring and visualization of the welding process to achieve premium quality welds regardless of process emission
  • Online automatic determination of the actual seam quality
  • High speed acquisition, evaluation, video recording and documentation as well as review of the recorded data for post-analysis

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