An accurate real-time positioning of the processing laser is essential to achieve premium quality welds. At the same time the application of remote operation and „welding-on-the fly“ in the industrial mass production results in reduction of unproductive phases of new positioning.

Lessmüller Lasertechnik proposes several seam tracking systems which enable to gain high quality seams as well as efficient production and can be installed on various laser welding heads. These automated and high dynamic systems determine and regulate the optimum welding position and compensate component tolerances or operating gap changes online:

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT), further development of FILLET SCAN for the µm-precise, no-contact seam-tracking with accurate measurement of the joint position, the effective processing beam position and beam focus
  • Precise online-positioning at the seam joint (lateral lens shift) and determination of the optimum focal position (axial lens shift) with the LSO welding optics
  • Seam tracking and real-time process visualization with the WELDEYE system based on camera and external illumination




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