The transition to emission-free e-mobility is a global technological trend. OCT for process control is coming along with the essential role of laser welding as key for the production of electric vehicles.

Production of the electrical systems with ultra-high reliability can be accomplished by using OCT for seam tracking to obtain extremely solid construction. Welding of batteries is one of them.

OCT-equipped laser processing heads offer a number of benefits that affect the profits through cost-effective production and improved throughput. OCT offers consistency, precision, real-time performance and renders possible flexible, high-speed automated laser processing. OCT ensures enhanced process closed-loop control under various conditions including fully automated, fast remote laser welding of various components in unattended operation (without time-consuming set-up). Using OCT, a processing head is capable to follow joints or traces on the workpiece self-guided, which means independent of the actual movement of the processing head and without any prior calibration or information of the trajectory.


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