The use of automated robot driven laser processing heads implicates the shielding of the human operator from the manufacturing process because of laser protection.

A camera and external illumination system visualizes the laser welding process, fills the existing gap for quality assurance and is adaptable for a variety of existing welding optics. The WELDEYE system shows a live-image of the welding process and keeps the user’s eye on the weld seam:

  • Combination of smart steering, camera and illumination technology
  • Synchronous recording and evaluation of video/image data and process parameters
    (e.g. feeding velocity, shielding gas volume, laser power)
  • Reducing material and time costs by early faults detection
  • Fault analysis based on the evaluation of video images together with actual process parameters

The video recorded during a welding process shows that the weld seam is interrupted at several points. Therefore, the integrity of the seam is not ensured.

The following video demonstrates a welding process that fails because the wire is not burned. In spite of faulty weld seam there is a weld finishing at the end of the welding process that makes the recognition of the fault difficult. The complete process recording by means of WELDEYE system enables retrospective fault detection and analysis.




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