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Process visualization and monitoring for laser welding

Lessmüller Lasertechnik’s WELDEYE has set standards in quality assurance with more than 500 systems installed worldwide.

The module-based WELDEYE system visualizes the welding process, enables online seam tracking, ensures quality in laser welding processes and is universally adaptable for many welding optics.

The synchronous recording and evaluation of image data with process parameters and control data of the system opens up completely new possibilities in process monitoring. Whether welding wire defects or seam interruptions caused by dirt – WELDEYE sees everything:

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The system consists of a high-speed camera with optical filter and a powerful illumination source. During the active welding process, the process light radiation is “blanked out” by the filter, sequential images are taken with and without external illumination and evaluated in real time.
Thus, the position of the weld joint as well as the weld pool and the reflections of the cooled weld seam are continuously measured, e.g. for gap measurement.

The high level of information provided by these camera images enables automatic evaluations to be programmed. Quality algorithms proven in series production monitor the welding position, process and seam, correct positional errors and report welding defects – in real time.

Successive exposures with alternating illumination for defect analysis. Here: detection of holes in the weld seam caused by dirt.

All welds are continuously recorded, automatically analyzed and stored. The entire process is monitored in real time and compared with data from reference runs. Deviations in the current welding process from these definable references are reliably reported by the system to the higher-level plant control system.

WELDEYE is designed according to the modular principle. The user can implement the entire system or individual functions.


Advantages with WELDEYE

  • Real-time weld guidance, process visualization, monitoring and quality assurance for laser welding and brazing

  • Real-time recording of LIVE camera images of the welding process and image analysis

  • Synchronous recording and evaluation of image data and process parameters (e.g. feed rate)

  • Automatic defect detection and auto-correction to reduce downtime and scrap production, inspection costs and rework rate

  • Integration with many common laser welding optics

  • Compact and lightweight design, low interference contour

  • Communication via standard fieldbuses

  • Rugged industrial design: dust-tight construction (IP-64) with robot-towable cable and interfaces

In this mode, the recorded videos can be played back after the weld and exported to compatible formats (avi, mp4, mpeg). The fieldbus data recorded in parallel with the video recording is used for subsequent evaluation of the welding process.

An industrial PC with network and fieldbus interface provides automatic storage of videos and data. The user has the possibility to follow and evaluate each process even eight hours after welding.

The data obtained can be permanently stored and archived on network drives for future process observations.

From the needs analysis of your requirements and the welding tests of your task in our in-house test laboratory – we are happy to advise you. From project planning to implementation and integration of the modules into your plant as well as user training of your employees on site – with us you get everything from one source.
We are your contact partner both before and after successful completion of the project. Our customers know this and appreciate us for it.

All large and well-known OEM manufacturers have been using Lessmüller sensor technology for years. In the field of electromobility, battery manufacturers from China and Korea are among our customers.

Overall, we work with many system integrators: Bergmann & Steffen, Erlas, Felsomat, Thyssen Krupp Engineering, Manz, Comau, Evobeam, Aumann and others.

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WELDEYE for scanner and fixed optics

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