Welding monitoring


Monitoring and documentation – individually adapted to your welding processes

The use of automated, robot-guided laser welding systems in serial production requires that humans are shielded from the manufacturing process for reasons of laser protection. We offer the following systems for this purpose.


The WELDEYE is based on a camera system with external illumination, which can be adapted to many common laser welding optics. This system shows a live image of the welding process and brings the user virtually with the eye to the weld seam:


  • Combination of intelligent control, camera and lighting technology
  • Synchronous recording and evaluation of image data and process parameters of the system (e.g. wire feed speed, shielding gas volume, laser power)
  • Avoidance of unnecessary material and time costs through early defect detection
  • Analysis of faults with the aid of video recordings and the current parameters at the time in question

Client software interface


The diode-based WELDCHECK system is used to monitor the process light during the welding process. Here, two photodiodes, one in the visible and one in the near infrared range, compare the process glow with a reference weld specified by the user and rated as good.

  • Detection of deviations in welding results and resulting trends
  • Easy integration to all processing optics with camera connection
  • Compact design – evaluation unit (EVA) fits on DIN rails in typical supply cabinets and control cabinets.
  • Effective and cost-efficient system
  • Easy determination of production scrap

Screenshot shows defect detection with WELDCHECK

In the case of extended requirements for weld monitoring, for example for measuring the micrometer-accurate weld penetration depth during the welding process, the OCT system from Lessmüller Lasertechnik, which is based on optical coherence technology, is also an option. In addition to weld monitoring, this system can also take on further tasks in all process monitoring areas (pre-, in- and post-process).

At home in many industries


Process monitoring powertrain

Various techniques have found industrial application in automotive series production to observe laser processing in the field. Among them:

OCTOptical Coherence Tomography
WELDEYE – Camera monitoring with ext. illumination

Laser processing heads equipped with OCT (optical coherence tomography) offer a … >> read more


Process monitoring battery construction

Without laser welding, the implementation of electromobility on a large scale would be unthinkable! The laser is used in the construction of battery cells, in the joining of cells into modules, in the installation of modules in packages and also in the drive itself as well as in the construction of electric motors and power electronics. And no laser process without sensors! Therefore, the technology around optical coherence tomography, OCT for short, has a special role to play in this … >> read more


Process monitoring e-mobility

The electrification of cars and aircraft with the aim of significantly reducing emissions and noise places increasing demands on laser processing. Welding has to be faster, more precise and more efficient. In the context of e-mobility, optical coherence tomography OCT from Lessmüller Lasertechnik is at the forefront as a technology for quality assurance in order to meet the high requirements when welding components for electric drive units. OCT offers for this … >> read more


Process monitoring medical technology

Process Control Systems provides consistently reliable, high-quality welds including precision laser welding for medical products where material properties, functionality and dimensions must not be altered during laser processing.
All products in the medical field are subject to the strictest approval regulations and stringent quality requirements … >> read more


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